Community Service

Volunteer Contributions:

Santa Claus Fund

In 2010, the Alleycat partnered with the Santa Claus Fund and held two garage sales. Over $5,000 was raised, with all proceeds going to the Santa Claus Fund.

Big Brothers / Big Sisters

The Alleycat’s services were used for the BB/BS Bowling event at a reduced rate.

E-Waste Round-up (Rotary Club)

The Alleycat has donated their truck for use for garbage disposal the day of the round-up.

BMX Track

The Alleycat’s services were used by the BMX Racing Club at a reduced rate.

Red Cross

Donation of T-shirts for volunteer workers for Red Cross bingo.

Canadian Mental Health Association (The Post)

For several years, the Alleycat provided garbage removal at a reduced rate.

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