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14 Aug / The Origins of the Alleycat

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The story behind The Alleycat all started many moons ago, as I was prowling in the back alleys with time on my hands in search of a new venture. I noticed every now and then it looked like there was a need of a service to accomodate residential and commercial owners to dispose of their trash. It started to rain so I looked for shelter, as I lay there in the comfort of an old mattress in the alley, I put together a plan…

Originally I started The Alleycat as a part-time venture, still keeping my full time job. I first used an old pick up truck and dump trailer. My good friend Doug and I set off together. However, it wasn’t long before I could not keep up with the demand from the public for garbage removal. So I quit my full time job, and started prowling the alleys both day AND night!

Stay tuned for more Alleycat trash talk…

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